Running a successful IT business in Australia & New Zealand can present resourcing challenges.

There are often peaks and lulls in workflow; that’s the nature of the industry. On the one hand, when you win new contracts it can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming to recruit and onboard skilled full-time people. On the other, it’s costly and worrying to have underutilised staff sitting “on the bench” during quieter periods. And when they’re not engaged, there’s always a risk that team members will look at other employment options.

NEXTGEN partners need a new “win-win” to solve
the challenges of managing fluctuating workflow
cycles, revenue, and people skills.

changes everything

  • Fluctuating workflow? Solved.
  • Issues retaining staff? Solved.
  • Steep recruiting fees? Solved.

Welcome to SkillSwap – a closed community of specialist IT talent you will not find anywhere else.

SkillSwap is a new online B2B marketplace for sharing IT talent with specialist businesses on a non-permanent basis. Exclusively available to NEXTGEN partners, and part of our commitment to distribution reinvented, SkillSwap is free from recruiters and has been built to solve IT-specific workflow challenges.

Skillswap NEXTGEN

SkillSwap is connecting businesses in the IT industry like never before.

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how does
skillswap work?

SkillSwap is all about making your business more competitive. Hire skilled people on non-permanent contracts when you need to ramp up for a new piece of business.

Protect revenue by temporarily contracting out your IT workers to other businesses in the NEXTGEN network during business cycle lulls. And do it all without recruitment fees, on- boarding hassles, or full-time commitments.

Using SkillSwap, the company requiring temporary skills pays an agreed rate to the company providing their underutilised staff member(s). It’s quick to sign up, set up a profile, and start using SkillSwap to hire and share resources right away.

Access new IT skills at the right time to support your business

  • Take on new work with greater confidence and grow your business
  • Hire temporary staff for projects without costly recruitment fees and hassles
  • Remove the financial burden of employing staff full time
  • Stay nimble and scale up and down to service clients when work comes in

Protect revenue by contracting out underutilised staff

  • Empower underutilised staff by keeping them valued and engaged on other projects
  • Make the most of downtime by adding an income stream during quieter periods
  • Stay future-proofed: your employee remains an employee of your company
  • Open up new opportunities for growth while reducing financial risk

Download our fact sheet to find out more about SkillSwap.

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SkillSwap is powered by the award-winning BenchOn
National Network Platform

SkillSwap is an exclusive community within the BenchOn network and operates using the BenchOn business talent sharing platform. BenchOn is a Business Talent Sharing platform that allows companies to earn revenue by loaning their staff to other businesses in need of specialist support.

In order to access the SkillSwap Talent Community, invited businesses will be required to create a free BenchOn profile, through the SkillSwap portal, and will be required to agree to the BenchOn Agreement and the standard Non-Disclosure Agreement which is designed to protect your proprietary information when the system makes matches to your resourcing requirements.

While any business can use BenchOn, only those invited may be a member of SkillSwap. We recommend you opt in to have your profile linked to the BenchOn National Network as it will provide you access to contract opportunities and hidden talent from all across the country.

For more information on BenchOn, please contact your SkillSwap representative
or visit

Let’s support and value
talent in the ANZ
IT industry

SkillSwap enhances our IT community with access to a specialist skills platform that celebrates the talent that exists in our industry. We want our partners to experience a new level of value by being part of something unique that elevates industry talent, makes staff feel valued, and enables businesses within our community to grow and prosper financially.

It’s all part of NEXTGEN’s commitment to Distribution Reinvented.

SkillSwap is part of the

In today’s more nuanced business environment, traditional technology distribution doesn’t cut it. In its place, NEXTGEN has forged a new leadership model for distribution.

We’ve responded to the evolving ANZ IT ecosystem with an advanced enterprise software strategy, best-in-breed infrastructure, and select services including marketing, consulting, payment solutions –
and now a member only skillsharing marketplace – all tailored to the needs of our local channel.

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